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Friday, April 24, 2015

Blake Lively Wore 9 Outfits Yesterday

Blake Lively Wore 9 Outfits Yesterday
Blake Lively Wore 9 Outfits Yesterday
I've definitely been guilty of multiple outfit changes in one day, but for me it's usually been down to boredom or indecision. Or realising just before I leave the house that there's a massive curry stain on my T-shirt. For Hollywood beauty Blake Lively, though, there must be more to it. Because although she's a keen cook and loves her food, I doubt she's as messy an eater as me. So why the wardrobe extravaganza, Blake?

Let's consider the facts. 1) She's promoting her new film, The Age Of Adaline, and her agent booked her a LOT of appearances all in one day. And you can't wear the same frock on three different TV shows, now can you? 2) She looks amazing in everything and is a favourite on best dressed lists, so this is a sure fire way of getting the attention of the press. 3) She gave birth to daughter James with husband Ryan Reynolds a mere FOUR MONTHS ago, and she's keen to show off her absolutely amazing figure. But you can say a lot more than that with clothes, so here are a few of the sartorial messages Blake could have been trying to send us.


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